Unlock your content's earning potential

Hydro’s monetisation engine is geared towards turbocharging your passive income, wherever your users are in the world.

  • No web mining involved—your data is safe and secure.

  • Enjoy a completely passive income stream.

  • Use Hydro alongside ads or as a standalone solution.

Disclaimer: Dates and representations on this image are just for illustrative purposes.
Crypto & Fiat Payments
Receive payments in fiat or crypto

Hydro’s flexible payment options allows publishers to earn more by staking their crypto or simply cash out in a currency of your choice.

Weekly Payouts
Enjoy weekly payouts

Hydro’s payout process is simple and seamless. Every week you will receive your earnings from the previous weeks activity.

Monetize Time On Site
Monetise your website in minutes

Hydro’s intuitive setup streamlines the complexity and hassle of earning from your content so you can focus on growing your readership. No Web3 knowledge needed.

Content First
Put your content first

Hydro’s platform is designed to amplify your content, not drown it out with ads. Longer sessions and a community of engaged readers returning for more.

Ecosystem powered by DePin

Through masternodes, Hydro integrates Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePin) to host and support the operations of its supported networks. This boosts ecosystem performance, integrity, and security.


Enhance dwell time & accelerate your growth

Growing your publication & readership by prolonging session times and increasing engagement yields higher fees.

Disclaimer: Dates and representations on this image are just for illustrative purposes.
Active Users
Money Earned
Average Session Length

How it works

Sign up

Publishers sign up to Hydro, an online platform that allows websites and apps to monetise without ads.

Choose a plan

Publishers can choose between Hydro Online, Plus and Pro. Depending on the plan, earnings will increase.

Integrate the code

After signing up, publishers can access a unique code in their account and integrate within their platform.

Start earning

When a user visits the website or app, they become a part of the Hydro ecosystem, initiating a journey of value creation.

Everybody wins

Hydro turns passive browsing into active earning, creating a win-win ecosystem. No ads, no data collection, no more cluttered UI.


Start earning with a single script

Hydro empowers publishers to become a part of the core infrastructure of a new decentralized internet.

Hydro Script

Our script does not collect any user data or slow down your website.

Hydro Online

Simply sign up on the Hydro platform to start earning. As users spend time with your content, Hydro’s reward system ensures you reap the benefits, enhancing both user retention and revenue.

Hydro Plus
Hydro Plus

Secure a Publisher Node and transform your site's traffic into a profitable asset. These nodes are pivotal in validating transactions and creating a passive income stream, directly proportional to your site's engagement.

Hydro Pro
Hydro Pro

Hydro Pro provides enhanced network support and security to the Hydro ecosystem. By running a Masternode, you play a crucial role in governance decisions and earn a higher tier of rewards for your commitment to the network’s integrity.


Bridge the gap between Web 2 and Web 3 users by becoming a portal that seamlessly connects these two realms.


Hydro leverages Masternodes to build a robust Depin network of infrastructure nodes, which host and support operations across its expanding array of supported networks. 


The Hydro platform will also make available a set of various AI based features, serving the publishers, as well as the ecosystem in achieving a high level of interoperability.