Hydro Pro

Control your earnings, help run the network

Hydro Pro provides enhanced network support and security to the Hydro ecosystem.

By running a Masternode, you play a crucial role in governance decisions and earn a higher tier of rewards for your commitment to the network’s integrity.

Integrating Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePin) into Hydro's ecosystem complements the vision by providing a decentralized infrastructure that bolsters the performance, reliability, and security of all integrated networks.

By using its Masternodes, Hydro can build a resilient DePin network of infrastructure nodes to host and support the operations of all existing and future supported networks.

Masternode ownership & rewards

Steer the Hydro ecosystem by owning a Masternode NFT. This ownership not only offers the chance for active masternode and validator rewards but also establishes you as a key influencer within the Hydro community. Your masternode holds Hydro tokens as collateral, offering the flexibility to exchange your NFT for tokens, balancing security with liquidity.

Hydro's Masternodes are pivotal to securing all integrated networks, creating a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePin), while maintaining stability, and enabling seamless transaction validation within the ecosystem.

Advanced User Integration

Hydro Pro caters to advanced users, merging sophisticated Web3 technology with intuitive asset management, perfect for those ready to take their staking journey to the next level.

Become a validator candidate

Join the ranks of decision-makers as a candidate to run a validator node. Elected by publisher nodes, you play a pivotal role in earning active masternode and validator rewards, shaping the future of the Hydro ecosystem.

Maximize earnings, actively and passively

Benefit from a dual-earning system in Hydro Pro. Enjoy substantial passive rewards while awaiting validator node deployment, and maximize returns through active masternode participation.

Diverse revenue opportunities

Expand your revenue sources with Hydro Pro. Active masternodes gain a share of Hydro’s non-token revenues, including earnings from programs like Community Plus.

Expansion of NFT opportunities and network growth

As Hydro’s network evolves, so does your opportunity. Participate in Hydro’s dynamic growth by investing in new Masternode NFTs, released in alignment with the network’s demand for validator nodes. This approach fosters a robust & growing ecosystem.

Own a Masternode, shape the future, and reap unparalleled rewards.

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