How To Sign Up and Start Earning From Hydro?

March 18, 2024
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What is Hydro Online?

In the digital age, where every click, view, and second spent online holds potential value, a fundamental question arises: What if you could monetize every second a user spends with your content? The current reality for many in the publishing industry is a crisis of value capture. Despite the richness of content and the dedication of writers and content creators, the full potential of valuable user time remains largely untapped. The norm has become a relentless barrage of ads, cluttering the user experience and diluting the essence of the free and open Internet.

Hydro is not just another platform; it is a paradigm shift in content monetization. With just a simple integration – one line of code and a single click opt-in from users – publishers can monetize their content without disrupting the user experience. This seamless approach marks a departure from traditional ad-based models, offering a cleaner, more engaging interaction for users.

By rewarding ‘time spent’ Hydro is removing the ‘Buzzfeedification’ of media sites by increasing webpage stickiness and incentivizing digital media that values depth and quality.

The choice of payment is versatile; publishers can opt to get paid in crypto or fiat. This flexibility not only caters to the diverse preferences of publishers but also paves the way for a more inclusive and accessible digital economy.

We are Hydro, engineers of a new economic engine for the internet. Our mission is to empower creators, to democratize the digital landscape, and to usher in an era where value is fairly distributed on the internet. In a world where the potential of every second can be realized, Hydro is shaping a more equitable, transparent, and user-friendly internet. On this internet, content inspires & captivates, free from the clutter of ads, and rich with opportunity.

How does signing up and onboarding work?

The user will need to go to the sign-up page and then register either by creating a new account in the traditional way (email, name, domain, etc.) or through Google as ZK Login (Facebook login will also be available shortly as well). 

Using Google to sign up will also create a SUI wallet linked to the user's email address which will reduce complexities such as further manual wallet creation.

Disclaimer: Dates and representations on this image are just for illustrative purposes.

After registering, the user can then access their dashboard. Here is the place where they can manage (add/delete) web properties.

Disclaimer: Dates and representations on this image are just for illustrative purposes.

In order to start earning, the user will need to register his website domain, name, and a few other details, after which he can simply generate the short piece of code that has to be implemented on all pages of the site.

How will it work with the website and how to add it?

After signing up, the user can access a very intuitive dashboard, where they will have to add their website.

The user can then generate a unique code for that specific website (adding additional websites means generating additional codes, each site has its own unique code).

The implementation of this code is similar to a remarketing pixel, simply copy and paste the code between the <head> and </head> tags. 

This is the final step, after this, the user will start seeing revenue coming into his account, next to the specific website.

What will you earn as rewards?

In this current version of Hydro until the token launch, USDT will be distributed as rewards per second spent by users on publishers’ websites every week.

For the V1 of the product, we will have to give out rewards exclusively as USDT due to the Hydro token not being available yet.  After the token launch, we will introduce Hydro payments.

In the meantime, it should be even more attractive for new users since USDT liquidity is great and everyone is familiar with the stablecoin.

In the wallet section after logging in, you can create and connect an EVM wallet via your email address, or if you already have an EVM wallet, you can just link it to receive the USDT rewards.

If you have signed up to Hydro v1 we’d love to hear your experience and where we as a team can ultimately improve upon it.

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