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Transform your site into a rewarding experience with Hydro's Community Programs.

Community Program


Reward engagement directly

Give back to your community in real-time. Every minute spent by visitors on your platform can now be quantified and rewarded. Set your own rates – whether it's 30%, 50%, or even 100% of the generated revenue – and watch as your audience's engagement transforms into tangible rewards.


Earn while browsing

Immerse yourself in the content you love and get rewarded for it. With Hydro’s Community Program, every second you spend on participating websites turns into Hydro tokens. It's simple: browse, enjoy, and earn. Experience a new way of interacting with your favorite sites, where your time and attention are valued and rewarded.

Community Plus Program

Your browsing experience, supercharged

Turn every click into a more valuable experience. Community Plus is your ticket to maximizing the benefits of your online activities. This easy, accessible subscription transforms your regular website visits into opportunities for increased rewards.

Take your browsing experience up a notch

For a nominal fee of $0.5 per month, your rewards on Community Program-enabled sites double. It's an opportunity to gain even more from the time you spend online.

Get the most out of Hydro

Referral Program

Expand our community, enhance your earnings

Join the Hydro Referral Program and turn your referrals into revenue. When you refer new websites to Hydro, you receive a percentage of their earnings. It’s our way of rewarding you for helping to expand the Hydro community.


Shape the Future of Hydro

As a Hydro token holder, you wield the power to affect the ecosystem’s path forward. Propose initiatives, cast your votes, and have a say in pivotal decisions. Your involvement is vital—help steer the community towards a future that resonates with the needs and aspirations of all members.


Harness the power of your tokens

Hold your Hydro tokens in a wallet to support the operations of the network and unlock the potential of your digital assets. By staking your tokens, you not only contribute to the network’s stability and security but also earn consistent, time-based rewards. The longer your tokens are staked, the more you stand to gain—turning your wallet into a powerhouse of passive income.


Ecosystem stability through masternodes

DePin provides Hydro a decentralized infrastructure to support and enhance the performance, reliability, and security of our digital networks. By leveraging Masternodes, we can establish a robust DePin of infrastructure nodes, to host and support the operations of every new network.

Join the community today

Sign up for Community Plus, and start earning twice the rewards on every visit.