Hydro Online

Effortlessly monetise your content

Unlock your website or app’s revenue within minutes. Simply sign up on the Hydro platform to start earning hassle-free with no blockchain expertise required.

No more ads ruining the user experience

As users spend time with your content, Hydro’s reward system ensures you reap the benefits, enhancing both user retention and revenue.

Quick setup, quicker earnings

Get up and running in moments

Register on Hydro, grab your unique code, and integrate it seamlessly into your site or app. Monetization made swift and simple.

Subtle presence, significant impact

The discreet 'Powered by Hydro' banner sits on your website, signifying your savvy choice to monetize smartly without disrupting the user experience.

Entry-level access with big potential

Hydro Online is your gateway to the monetization revolution. It's the perfect starting point for publishers looking to generate income without any prior Web3 knowledge.

Passive income streamlined

Enjoy a continuous flow of income as your content captivates audiences. Hydro Online offers a straightforward, reduced-effort revenue model that works while you create.

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“Hydro has allowed us to provide the best possible user experience for our audience without compromising on ad revenue. The results speak for themselves.”

Anthony Logan

CEO at MirrorWorld

Publishers - Reward engagement directly

Give back to your community in real-time. Every minute spent by visitors on your platform can now be quantified and rewarded. Set your own rates – whether it's 30%, 50%, or even 100% of the generated revenue – and watch as your audience's engagement transforms into tangible rewards.

5 steps to success

Sign up

Publishers sign up to Hydro, an online platform that allows websites and apps to monetise without ads.

Choose a plan

Publishers can choose between Hydro Online, Plus and Pro. Depending on the plan, earnings will increase.

Integrate the code

After signing up, publishers can access a unique code in their account and integrate within their platform.

Start earning

When a user visits the website or app, they become a part of the Hydro ecosystem, initiating a journey of value creation.

Everybody wins

Hydro turns passive browsing into active earning, creating a win-win ecosystem. No ads, no data collection, no more cluttered UI.


Unlock your content's earning potential

Hydro’s monetisation engine is geared towards turbocharging your passive income, wherever your users are in the world.

  • No web mining involved—your data is safe and secure.

  • Enjoy a completely passive income stream.

  • Use Hydro alongside ads or as a standalone solution.

Disclaimer: Dates and representations on this image are just for illustrative purposes.

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