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Amplify your earnings

Elevate your revenue potential with Hydro Plus, combining ease and enhanced returns.

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Secure Hydro Plus and transform your site's traffic into a profitable asset

These nodes are pivotal in validating transactions and creating a passive income stream, directly proportional to your site's engagement.

Subscribe to Plus to earn more

By subscribing to Hydro Plus, you’re not just a part of our network; you're amplifying your earning capacity. You automatically own a publisher node that is formed of Hydro and SUI tokens, see your rewards increase beyond Hydro Online.

More nodes = more revenue

A flexible financial future

Your investment in Hydro Plus isn't locked away. There's flexibility to convert your collateral back to cash, depending on lock-up conditions and cryptocurrency market trends, giving you control over your earning strategy.

Advanced analytics and trend insights

Hydro Plus provides detailed analytics, offering a deeper understanding of content performance and audience behavior, helping you tailor your strategy for maximum engagement and revenue.

Reward your community

Activate the Community Program on your platform to incentivize your visitors. Share a portion of the revenue generated on your site back with your audience, at rates you decide, encouraging longer visits and deeper engagement.

Discreet monetisation

With Hydro Plus, we remove the 'Powered by Hydro' banner, offering you a cleaner experience on your site or app. Enjoy increased earnings without any visible signs of the partnership.

Your website income, maximized

Hydro Plus is designed for those who seek higher returns without extra effort. It's completely passive, but the returns are significantly more substantial than the Hydro Online tier, making it an ideal choice for ambitious publishers.

5 steps to success

Sign up

Publishers sign up to Hydro, an online platform that allows websites and apps to monetise without ads.

Choose a plan

Publishers can choose between Hydro Online, Plus and Pro. Depending on the plan, earnings will increase.

Integrate the code

After signing up, publishers can access a unique code in their account and integrate within their platform.

Start earning

When a user visits the website or app, they become a part of the Hydro ecosystem, initiating a journey of value creation.

Everybody wins

Hydro turns passive browsing into active earning, creating a win-win ecosystem. No ads, no data collection, no more cluttered UI.

Boost Your Monetization Game with Hydro Plus

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