Unveiling Hydro on Sui: A New Era in Monetizing Digital Content

November 25, 2023
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Dear Community Members,

We’re excited to share a game-changing update with you: Gather Network is transforming into Hydro on the Sui Network. This shift isn’t just a change in name; it’s a pivotal step forward in our mission.

A New Economic Engine for the Internet is here

Your support has brought us here, and we value it immensely. We have addressed the major importance of existing investments during the transition with care and due-diligence, – detailed accounts on this subject will come during the transformation. We will continue to grow and foster a vibrant community through regular updates, events, and educational initiatives. Users can look forward to an even more interactive and supportive ecosystem.

Those of you supporting the existing Gather network through staking, Masternodes, and liquidity provision can join us for a rewarding journey during the migration process. Your commitment to this community will be acknowledged and reciprocated with enhanced benefits. We deeply value your  support and are dedicated to ensuring that your  loyalty and contributions are recognized in the most meaningful way possible as we move forward into this exciting new phase. Details pertaining to the aspects of tokenomics and token swaps will be announced separately over this transition phase, so please bear with us.

Let’s dive right in and explore what Hydro accomplishes.

1. Going Back to our Roots – Focus on the Core Product

We want to revert to our core values and main functions of the platform. The changes are designed to offer more focus, security, and efficiency in creating value for our publishers and their users.

As the old ecosystem offered three main solutions, the new Hydro platform will focus solely on the Online Monetization product, benching Cloud until a later date and  Enterprise Contract IP’s being in the process of being sold.

The name “Hydro” captures the essence of our core vision, emphasizing our commitment to creating a dynamic ecosystem that effortlessly caters to the diverse needs of our publishers. “Sui,” derived from the Japanese term “suisui,” meaning “smoothly,” underscores our dedication to ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for all participants within the network, eliminating Web3 roadblocks for Web2 users.

Our revamped user interface is being meticulously crafted to offer intuitive and seamless navigation, ensuring that accessing the world of decentralization is as effortless as it is rewarding.

2. Repurposing the Core Product

The fundamental concept for Web2 users revolves around enabling them to seamlessly generate additional income through their websites/apps.

  • The more Nodes they launch, the larger the revenue increase from their website activity/traffic.
  • The more Nodes, the more Hydro and SUI tokens will be locked up, creating scarcity and capturing the value of both ecosystems in the long run.

Hydro on Sui opens a realm of possibilities for both content creators and developers.

In the Hydro Online ecosystem, a Web2 publisher takes the first step by joining the platform. They register their website and activate proof of time, ensuring their website’s visitor’s time spent is measured accurately, to earn proportional rewards.

To enhance their engagement, they are encouraged to purchase Publisher Nodes, a fraction of a complete node, through our user-friendly interface, all happening at the backend. When the threshold for Publisher Nodes is met, signifying the minimum collateral required to operate a SUI validator, a cloud-based node is initiated.

This node is then configured as a SUI validator and ownership is transferred to a designated third party known as Masternode. This seamless process ensures efficient participation and smooth operation within the Hydro ecosystem.

3. Going 100% green and zero-intrusion

With the transition to the SUI blockchain, we’re embracing a transformative shift, moving away from Proof of Work (PoW) and introducing a revolutionary concept: ‘Time Availability’

This means visitors won’t need to give explicit consent anymore, streamlining the UX. This change signifies a significant leap toward sustainability, making our operations 100% green. We’re not just adopting a new technology; we’re redefining the very essence of user interaction and monetisation strategies online, making it seamless and eco-friendly.

There is a paramount importance placed on a fractionalized service for the SUI ecosystem; As a comparison, Lido performs for ETH a similar function as Hydro does for SUI.

4. Bringing Web2 to Web3 // Bridging both worlds

Hydro introduces a novel way of monetizing digital content for publishers worldwide, building on our legacy model and evolving the technology. This means a Web2-like experience for Web2 users, with  no requirement for the Web3 learning curve. Hydro is a simple application allowing publishers to supercharge their revenue, volunteer to be a Masternode candidate and keep  track of rewards. . Additional features include: no data collection, complete privacy from tracking, and giving back to the community through Loyalty Programs. All of these features will be broken down and detailed in the coming articles.

To our existing Gather Network community, your steadfast support has been instrumental in shaping this next phase in our journey. We guarantee we will provide all means necessary for seamless migration, preserving your investments.

Your trust is our greatest asset, and we are committed to honoring it every step of the way. Please stay close to our social channels as a full detailed tokenomics account will be released shortly.

Join us on this Exciting Journey

We invite you to actively engage with Hydro. Follow our vibrant community on social media platforms and forums to stay abreast of the latest developments. Explore our revamped platform, immerse yourself in a community of like-minded enthusiasts, and participate in our events and challenges to earn Hydro tokens. Your active involvement fuels the growth of our ecosystem and amplifies the impact of decentralized computing on a global scale.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. With Hydro, we embark on a new chapter , with unbounded opportunities for innovation , and collaborative  efforts towards  groundbreaking achievements. Help us to  shape the new economic engine for the internet.

More details coming very soon! Stay glued to our socials, and check the announcement roadmap below!

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