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January 17, 2024
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Updated Friday 26th January 2024

After listening to the collective voice of the Hydro community, and after detailed consultation with representatives from all stakeholders, we have decided to update our last communication, with regards in particular to the tokenomics/financial section.

The community represents one of the main pillars of our project and we wish to emphasize the importance we place on the views coming from our members. 

As such, we have improved the swap ratios, unlock periods and vesting periods for GTH holders.

For this, we have consulted individually with most of the oldest and most trusted members of our community, and encouraged all to reach out to us with proposals and constructive ideas, as well as ran a poll on the official Telegram group. The response was overwhelming, further showcasing our community’s unparalleled support and interest, for which we are very thankful.

Please find the updated Finance/Tokenomics section below.


UI/UX Progress:

  • First onboarding drafts have been meticulously crafted, showcasing our dedication to an intuitive and seamless user experience:
  • Easy login, super friendly interface. Final designs are nearing confirmation and are poised for implementation within the initial time estimations.

Platform Implementation:

  • The implementation and production of the actual platform, encompassing onboarding and initial features, remain on a steady course.
  • Please be aware: The existing live version of the product still exists and sign-ups are open for the short-term future. Returns are tied to previous tokenomics/model, we will update with the new numbers in due course. 
  • Definitive discussions on Hydro's suite of products have concluded, paving the way for the finalization of product pages on the website and the onboarding for each.


At the time of writing, the strategic round is complete for Hydro and new investors are being introduced.

Private round will only be open to Web2 legacy VC’s/ Media Companies - this is a strategic choice - It helps with product adoption and introduction to our target publisher base. 

As an example, media corps like Publicis/WPP can invest based on their excess balance sheets for strategic investments that bolster/strengthen their product offering.

Justification for New Investments and Swaps:
  • We are forging a new economic landscape to elevate our product and ecosystem, having already secured the support of new backers. This transformative shift introduces a novel token, an updated supply structure, and establishes a fresh circular economy.
  • In this exciting transition, we bring our dedicated supporters along, extending additional benefits to them and facilitating ownership of the new token through seamless swaps.
  • It's crucial to note that while there's a change in supply, the intrinsic value of GTH remains resilient. The introduction of supplementary perks, including targeted campaigns, swaps, and new financing strategies within the new token economy, is anticipated to preserve and enhance the overall value of GTH.
  • As we usher in new investments, they will form the cornerstone of the burgeoning economy, directly influencing our market presence in both Web2 and Web3. This strategic approach is poised to foster positive momentum and contribute significantly to our growth trajectory.
  • SUI ecosystem TVL (Total Value Locked) has been growing exponentially this last month (around 350m at the time of writing), basically doubling in value, a 100% growth in approximately 30 days. This only further strengthens our belief that this transition is the right move for our project, as we expect a continuous increase in hype and recognition for all projects launching on this network, it represents a massive advantage for Hydro as well.

We have heard our community’s voice and updated our proposal accordingly, effectively improving the swap ratios, unlock periods and vesting periods for all involved parties.

Let’s dive into it:

Total supply of Hydro: 951,250,000 Hydro tokens. Approximately 10% of this amount will be released during Hydro TGE, with the release schedule for the rest depending on stakeholders.

Let's zero in on FDVs (Fully Diluted Valuations): Hydro Public Round Price will be $0.015/Hydro token, resulting in an FDV of $14.2million, and a TGE valuation of around $1.4million.


The GTH amounts owned at the snapshot date will convert to Hydro tokens with different ratios.

| Type | Value | | :--- | :--- | | Common Holders | 5 to 1 | | Stakers | 2 to 1 | | Masternodes | 2 to 1 | | Liquidity Providers | 2 to 1 |

For Staking/Masternodes/Liquidity Providers

The swap ratio will be 2:1, locked for 3 months, linear vesting over 5 months. 


  • Possessing 1000 GTH entitles you to acquire 500 HYDRO tokens via the Staking Swap ratio.
  • Tokens acquired during the first 3 months post Token Generation Event (TGE) are entirely locked.
  • End of month 3, you can unlock 20% (100 HYDRO).
  • Unlock an additional 20% (100 HYDRO) in month 4, progressing until month 7.

In terms of value comparison:

  • As of January 26, 2024, the current GTH value is $0.002, resulting in $2 for 1000 GTH.
  • The TGE token price for HYDRO is $0.015, equating to $7.5 for 500 HYDRO.

This represents the GTH holders increasing their current holdings' value by 3.75 times at the TGE, based on today's prices.

For Common Holders

Common Holders that want to have access to tokens during TGE, the swap ratio will be 5:1, with vesting terms: 

  • 5% at TGE
  • 35% in Month 1
  • 30% in Month 2
  • 20% in Month 3
  • 10% in Month 4


  • Possessing 1000 GTH entitles you to acquire 200 HYDRO tokens via the Staking Swap ratio.
  • Tokens acquired can be accessed as follows: 10 HYDRO during TGE. 70 HYDRO in Month 1. 60 HYDRO in month 2. 40 HYDRO in month 3.  20 HYDRO in month 4.

In terms of value comparison:

  • As of January 26, 2024, the current GTH value is $0.002, resulting in $2 for 1000 GTH.
  • The TGE token price for HYDRO is $0.015, equating to $3 for 200 HYDRO.

This represents the GTH holders increasing their current holdings' value by 1.5 times at the TGE, based on today's prices.


Community Management:

Our team is growing!

We recently brought in an extremely professional team of dedicated Community Managers from one of our partners, elevating the level of interaction and engagement with our community on the main communication channel: Telegram. 

As such, the main English language channel is now modded by a set of new community managers ready to answer any of your queries or guide you through any issue. 

Press Release (PR) Campaign:

The first PR campaign since the rebrand, we have pushed on with interviews for different top tier publications, and are pursuing a strictly organic and interest-based approach to any press release we push out.

As a result, we will very soon start noticing some exciting  pieces published by some of our favorite online outlets specialized on anything crypto and digital content related, so keep close and keep your eyes open for new articles.

New Hydro events coming up:

Without being able to disclose too many details at this point in time, we can briefly announce a couple of important live events in which we’ll take part either as sponsor, regular participant, or both. Here’s where you’ll be able to meet the Hydro team in person:

  • New Crypto Fight Night (CFN) edition. The latest increment of the extremely successful boxing event will take place at the end of April, exact dates TBD. What we can say is that it will be the biggest one yet, so make sure not to miss it, some huge fights coming up with a larger and improved roster and a top notch venue.
  • SUI Network event in Paris. The Hydro team will attend this conference live, in Paris, around mid April. More details to follow on our socials so keep a close eye on our Twitter profile and join our Telegram group for live updates.

Waterdrops Campaign:

This is only a high-level view of our Waterdrops campaign, with full details coming out in a dedicated article in the near future. 

The campaign aims to establish a detailed tracking system through a dedicated campaign page (dashboard), that will be developed specifically for this purpose. 

This platform will allow users to connect their wallets, enabling them to monitor their activity points. The objective is to provide users with a holistic view of their points, leaderboard position, and a breakdown of their activity.

User Engagement:

Users can either land on the campaign page directly or through a referral link. Additionally, they are encouraged to connect with their SUI or EVM wallets for tracking. Collecting Twitter and email information, though non-mandatory, is incentivized with significant points. The more engagement, the more points, which can afterwards be converted into the Hydro token.

Point Weights and Activities:

The campaign assigns different weights to various activities, with points allocated for actions such as following on Twitter, adding an email, staking SUI or GTH, registering on Hydro Online, owning a Publisher Node, holding and staking Hydro, and providing liquidity for Hydro-related pairs. 

The complexity of point weights reflects a strategic approach to rewarding diverse user behaviors.

Post-TGE Evaluation:

While the campaign outlines activities and points associated with the period before the Token Generation Event (TGE), a section for the post-TGE period is also planned, facilitating a dynamic and evolving campaign strategy that adapts to the different phases of the project. 

Referral Program Incentives:

The campaign incorporates a referral program, offering 10% of the points earned by a referred user to the referrer at the top level. This incentivizes users to actively promote the campaign, fostering a community-driven approach.

Clear and Transparent Reporting:

The campaign emphasizes transparency by providing users with a clear dashboard and leaderboard on the campaign page.

This includes showcasing wallet information, staking activities, Hydro Online engagement, referral activity points, bonus points, and the total activity points, ensuring users have a comprehensive overview of their participation.

The Waterdrops campaign not only encourages user participation through a range of activities but also ensures transparency and engagement by offering a clear tracking system and a well-defined point structure. The inclusion of a referral program further promotes community involvement and growth.

All details will be provided in the coming weeks, as we will officially announce the start of the campaign on all of our social channels, so stay glued to them and jump in from the start.


Looking ahead, we wish to emphasize the collaborative spirit that propels us forward, acknowledging our community’s integral role in shaping the future of our shared vision.

As we conclude this blog update, aimed at shedding light on crucial aspects that have garnered the most inquiries, we wish to share a message from our CEO, Reggie Jerath, to our community:

Dear Hydro Community,

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for being the foundation  of Hydro's incredible journey. Your unwavering  support has been given us the motivation & dedication to continually push the project forward. , I am profoundly thankful for the trust you've put in our team.  

I wish to express my deep appreciation for your patience as we craft the upcoming updates and next stage of the Hydro evolution. Your understanding and anticipation are not only recognized but are a source of inspiration as we navigate this path together. .

As the Token Generation Event (TGE) draws closer, in the months ahead, excitement is building  within  the Hydro team. This juncture marks a pivotal phase, and your enthusiasm is  propelling us to deliver a product that will exceed  expectations.

The future is full of promise, and I am genuinely exhilarated about the forthcoming chapters in Hydro's story. Together, we aren't just constructing a project; we are alighting the path to true innovation in the digital content ecosystem.  

Your support is the cornerstone of the Hydro journey, and it's your enthusiasm that fuels our commitment each day.

With profound appreciation,
CEO, Hydro
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