Charting Hydro's Future: Financial Landscape and Product Tiers

December 14, 2023
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Dear Hydro community,

We're thrilled to share the next chapter in our exciting journey with you. Hydro is evolving into a robust platform, bringing forth enhanced products and a host of new backers that will shape our groundbreaking ecosystem. 

To build upon the info provided in the previous unveiling article, we’re going to take a deeper dive into some of the details related to aspects pertaining to our first investment rounds, finance-related partnerships as well as a product catch-up & future milestones. Here's what you need to know:

Investors announcement

Hydro is excited to announce a series of new investment partnerships in the coming weeks, as we finalize agreements with prominent partners, including investment funds. These partnerships are poised to bring substantial value and growth to the Hydro ecosystem.

The large and well respected institutional investment names that have shown faith in Hydro signify a big step forward in Hydro's mission to redefine the landscape of digital content monetization.

We proudly present some of the names that have taken part in our initial round of investment:

Backers - Ghaf Capital ; Rarestone Capital ; Basement DAO ; Faculty Group ; Covey Network ; LVT Capital ; Noir Ventures ; Andromeda Capital ; 369 Capital ; Optic Capital ; Tenzor Capital.

Specific details will be shared on each individual partner through dedicated posts, made public in the coming days, so stay glued to our (rebranded) socials!

Closure of first investment rounds

As mentioned above, we’re proud to announce that our first investment rounds have been completed ahead of schedule. The original timeline referenced a deadline of the end of December, however, both rounds were already completed early December. 

This infers an accelerated momentum based on increasing interest in Hydro, and as such, we expect the rest of the raise to go even better than initially planned.

For the sake of transparency towards our community we will keep updating on the financial/raise details with future announcements focused on this. We will also detail individual investors and the partnerships through individual posts, as mentioned above.

High level product overview

The Hydro platform offers three main tiers which publishers can choose between when opening their account.

These can also be upgraded/downgraded as needed by the individual publishers at any later date, as we aim to offer as much flexibility and accessibility as possible.

This is a high-level overview explaining the basic concepts behind these plans. However, they, alongside all platform features, will be detailed in-depth in the coming blog article announcements.

Hydro Online

  • First tier, easiest to access. Sign up for free
  • Start generating revenue for the time spent on your website/app
  • "Powered by Hydro" small banner visible on the website once the code is integrated
  • All the publisher needs to do is sign up on the Hydro platform, generate his unique code and implement it in the website/app.
  • Good starting option, no Web3 knowledge needed.
  • Completely passive income, although reduced compared to the other more advanced plans.

Hydro Plus

  • Second tier, no technical knowledge needed.
  • Own a publisher node (basically buy a stake on Hydro & SUI tokens)
  • Earn turbocharged rewards for the time spent on your website/app (compared to Hydro)
  • "Powered by Hydro" banner removed
  • Possibility to convert the collateral back to cash at a later date (depending on the lock up conditions and prices of cryptocurrencies at the time of conversion)
  • Publisher needs to own collateral to practically form a Publisher node. 
  • Completely passive, although with significantly increased returns.

Hydro Pro

  • Own a Masternode NFT
  • Become a candidate to run a validator node (voted by publisher nodes) to earn active masternode rewards & validator running rewards
  • Enjoy passive masternode returns in the meantime
  • Enjoy revenue sharing from Hydro's non-token activities (ie. Community Plus program)

Community Programs

  • Community (Loyalty) Program 
    - Any publisher registered to Hydro can activate Community program to give back revenue to their visitors to spend more time on their sites
    - The amount of revenue generated by the visitor can be  given back to the visitor at a decided rate by the publisher (.ie 30%-50%-100%)
  • Community Plus Program 
    - Anyone can subscribe to this program for a very small amount, visitors can benefit from x2 rewards compared to what they would get in the standard community program.

Upcoming product milestones

Embarking on this exciting journey, Hydro anticipates the Token Migration Date to unfold in the near future, marking a crucial milestone in our evolution. This strategic move aligns with our commitment to innovation and progress. 

Simultaneously, the eagerly awaited date our product will go live will be in the months of March or April. These timelines represent significant moments for our community, offering a glimpse into the dynamic developments shaping Hydro's path forward. 

As we move closer to these dates, stay tuned for further details and announcements that will illuminate the steps leading to our envisioned future.

Hydro's journey is entering a pivotal phase, and we're grateful to have you by our side.

Join the new economic engine for the internet!

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